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Condensation in Conservatories

Posted on January 12, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

With the recent cold snap many people are suffering with condensation problems, which can be worse in a Conservatory.

So we thought we’d try and answer a few common questions we get asked about condensation….

Q1. Why Does Condensation Form?

Answer: There are 3 factors that cause condensation: 1.Water Vapour in the air 2.Inside room temperature 3.Outside temperature.
The first two are controllable, the outside temperature obviously isn’t, which is why condensation is often worse in winter.

Q2. Why is the Condensation in My Conservatory Worse than in My House?

Answer: If your conservatory is new then a huge amount of vapour needs to escape from the building process. Apart from this your conservatory is designed to be air and water tight, it doesn’t have any natural ventilation in the same way your house does, so moisture produced cannot escape if it remains unventilated. The conservatory will also not be build to the same regs as your home, so it won’t have the same insulation value, therefore in cold weather the conservatory will be colder than your home and require more heating.

Q3. How Can I Reduce Condensation?

Answer: Reduce the amount of vapour being produced in the room. As much as possible maintain a fairly warm temperature in the room. Try to ventilate the conservatory as much as possible. (this last point may sound like a contradiction, but it’s an important part of solving the problem)

For more detailed explanation of the above points, you can download the glass and glazing federation’s brochure on the subject. : GGF Condensation

6 Responses to Condensation in Conservatories

  1. Mr R Collins says:

    I have a new conservatory, now the weather has turned cold the condensation
    is awful, have to wipe the windows everyday,I have a small radiator which runs
    from the central heating system, this goes off at 10pm, Can you please advise

    • Mr Collins

      Just a few points to consider:

      One point to consider is if the radiator is adequate in size for the conservatory ? A plumber or heating engineer could work this out. Or if your boiler had enough capacity to fully heat the additional radiator installed.

      Second point to consider is was the conservatory insulated properly? I should have had 100mm of insulation in the base and 50mm insulation in any walls. Without this the floor/ walls could be letting cold in.

      A third point to consider if the conservatory is new, is was it given enough time to dry out after building? Typically a conservatory may need up to 4 weeks to fully dry out after construction.

      Obviously I don’t know how the conservatory was built, but if any of the above points were not taken into account it could be making things worse. A conservatory is more susceptible to condensation because the room will get colder than the rest of the house, as a guide a room will be less likely to suffer if the temperature stays above 15 degrees.

      The only real solution to the problem is a combination of heat & ventilation on a regular basis.

  2. Mr Fryer says:

    I had a conservatory built in 2012 with an aliminium box gutter. The gutter has an insutated bottom.I noticed this about 3/4 weeks ago, I took off the plastic facia
    & soffit from the end where the water was appearing to find the insulation soaking wet.I left them off for a couple of weeks to dry out.Last week I put the covers back on to discover more condensation was flowing down causeing a big puddle on the window board. Any ideas on how to correct my problem.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Mrs Fryer

      The problem you’ve described sound more like a leak than condensation. Is it our conservatory? If so we will need to call and make a site visit, this is covered by our guarantee. If it’s not one of our conservatories we can still make a site visit, if you call through on our service call number we can make an arrangement.

  3. Mr A Kleyn says:

    I am going to build a pond in my conservatory in a couple of weeks, if I instal a good De Humidifier will it keep the condensation down to a minimum?

    • To be honest I would say a pond inside a conservatory would create condensation problems, there are lots of different types of de-humindifiers and they range in performance according to the price, a cheap one wouldn’t make much difference.

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