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Solar Power

Posted on June 22, 2011 by Rodney Hewitt

During 2010 DB Direct decided to enter to the Solar Energy industry. We know we were by no means alone in the decision, the Solar Energy Market has seen a huge growth over the last 18 months and with good reason…. Just research ‘Feed in Tariff’ in Google and you’ll see the benefits for homeowners.

Establishing ourselves in this market place has been both challenging and hugely enjoyable. But after 6 months of: Training Courses, Research, Studying, Assessments & More Training Courses we were ready to enter the market place, and DB Solar was born ….

DB Solar Vehicle

Our first installation went as smoothly as we could have hoped for, we installed a small but very effective 1.25kw System …

From this first installation the work provided a steady flow of interesting and challenging assignments to keep us busy. We have probably worked on most roof surfaces: Concrete Tiles, Slate, Flat Roofs as well as working with many different Solar Panels and Inverters. The installs have taken us across North Wales and into Cheshire

This is one of our most recent installations .. A powerful 3.68kw Split System, using German Schott Solar Panels (the BMW’s of solar panels)

Solar Panels can be installed on most homes and depending on the size of system, they can dramatically reduce household bill as well as providing a sizable annual income.

Considering Installing Solar Power in your home is a big decision that opens many questions, so for any help or advice please feel free to contact us…

The sudden cut in the Government’s Feed in Tariff’ Scheme has dominated any news relating to Solar Panel installations in recent weeks. We’ll cover our thoughts on the impact this is likely to have in another post….

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