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Solar Cell Windows

Posted on August 27, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

We love gadgets and new technology and this one has got us really excited:


The Solar Cell Window Glass……. It’s still in the design process at the moment, but when it’s available it ‘could’ change the way power our homes forever. The idea is : The Solar Cells are sprayed on to the glass of any existing window, those cells then have the ability to produce power from solar rays! The film is supposed to be almost invisible and could also be sprayed on to roof tiles. 


Imagine that, almost invisible solar panels, placed in the most south facing area of your property, generating power for your home. 


Excited …. So are we, as soon as we have any updates on the product we will post it.

 Here is one of the pictures released detailing some of the known data:


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