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Reinforced Windows

Posted on February 16, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

All windows and doors should be reinforced, that should go without saying. However the type of reinforcing now available can have a big effect on the performance of windows and doors.

At DB we now use as standard RCM (reclaimed composite material) in all windows and doors.

What is it ?

It’s a very dense plastic type material.

What are the benefits? …. Well there are 3:

1. Strength – Being a type of plastic they can be welded into the corner joint of the window, making the reinforcing an integral part of the window, as opposed to simply stopping the reinforcing 100mm from the edge of the weld, as you would need to do with steel.

2. Warmth – Plastic stays far warmer than steel, so using plastic inside the cavity of the window frame keeps the whole frame warmer, meaning you keep more warmth inside your home.

3. It’s Green – One of the biggest cost increases we have seen recently is in waste removal and the biggest item of waste for us to remove, believe it or not, is old upvc windows! Until recently these have nearly all gone to landfill. Now however, all our old upvc windows are collected, chopped up and are made into RCM Reinforcing !!!

Now RCM Reinforcing is not as cost effective to use as Steel, but we feel the benefits far out weight the additional cost. So as of January this year we will be using RCM Reinforcing as standard on all windows and doors.!!

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