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Do You Need Planning Permission For a Conservatory?

Posted on September 20, 2011 by Rodney Hewitt

A very important and valid question, because the last problem any homeowner wants it to build a structure only to receive a council letter telling them it should have had planning permission!

So do Conservatories need planning permission? Answer: No …. Well not normally anyway !

I’ll try to explain ….

In most cases you can build a Conservatory without needing to apply for planning permission. However there are certain regulations, such as ;

*You have to be certain distances away from roads or footpaths
*You have a set cubic capacity that you must not exceed
*No more than half the area around the original building must be covered
*There are maximum height restrictions that apply

And the list goes on ….

What we normally recommend is a site visit, to enable someone to asses these and other factors and workout if planning is required. If the answer is NO (planning not required) then we recommend you have that assessment in writing from the contractor before they commence work.

However if planning is required it doesn’t have to be a problem. As part of our service, we carry out planning applications on behalf of our customers on a regular basis. We provide the existing and proposed scaled drawings needed, with our in house Auto CAD program, the site OS Boundary Maps and we complete the Planning Application Forms. The time for a decision to be made by the council will vary, but normally will take 8 – 10 weeks, once the decision is granted you are then free to construct the Conservatory in accord with the drawing submitted to the council.

For any further help with planning applications, feel free to contact either Mark or Rodney Hewitt who look after all our planning applications.

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