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Anti Snap Cylinders

Posted on November 19, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

Recent news items have brought the security on all upvc doors locks into question. For the last 30 years, all locks have used the standard euro cylinder, this cylinder however has an inherent weakness that remained undetected until recently. Programs on the One Show, Watchdog and Radio 5 have highlighted this risk to homeowners.


To tackle this problem we have been contacting our customers to offer a solution… The Anti-Snap Cylinder










If you would like any information on how the Anti Snap Cylinder works, or if your are concerned that your door lock may be at risk, please call Howard on our aftersales line : 0845 6008949




Karndean Conservatory Flooring

Posted on October 15, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

The flooring on your conservatory needs careful consideration and there are many options, but many of those options do have disadvantages:

Tiles – Ceramic Floor Tiles can look beautiful; the draw back is that they can be cold underfoot.

Laminate: We do not recommend laminate floors in a conservatory due to the possibility of expansion

Vinyl – Has obvious disadvantages when fitted to a concrete floor, but can be a cost effective temporary solution 


We recommend Karndean Flooring and for over 2 years we have been Approved Kardean Installers.

Some of the advantages of Kardean are :

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New Company Logo

Posted on September 4, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

Re-branding the company logo is something we’ve wanted to do for years, to be honest we’ve never been keen on the original DB Direct name & logo, but when you re-brand there is always a danger of loosing your identity.


So we wanted to keep our original DB name but in corporate a new design and the result looks like this:

We understand to some it’s a small change and it’s like we’re a multi-national cooperation, but it’s a big change for us! In time the new logo will sign on to all our vehicles and sign work.

Solar Cell Windows

Posted on August 27, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

We love gadgets and new technology and this one has got us really excited:


The Solar Cell Window Glass……. It’s still in the design process at the moment, but when it’s available it ‘could’ change the way power our homes forever. The idea is : The Solar Cells are sprayed on to the glass of any existing window, those cells then have the ability to produce power from solar rays! The film is supposed to be almost invisible and could also be sprayed on to roof tiles. 

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Solid Core Composite Doors

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

Ban the foam !


That’s the clear message within the industry with regard to Composite Doors. The majority of Composite Doors on the market today have a laminated timber frame, but the rest of the door is filled with either a memory foam or expanding foam. It is an efficient and cost effective way of constructing such a door.


The problem with constructing a door in such a way however is that:

1. You cannot be guaranteed to fill every area of space and so you could end up with hollow sections inside your door.

2. Foam does not have a great deal of weight or strength.

3. Foam has a tendency to disintegrate over time.

Every Composite we install is manufactured with a 50mm Solid Timber Core, that’s 16 sheets of ply-wood laminated. Not only does this give the door nearly 3 times the weight & strength, it also gives the door a far higher level of insulation, to both cold and noise.


So: When replacing your door, insist on a Solid Core