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Solar Power

Posted on June 22, 2011 by Rodney Hewitt

During 2010 DB Direct decided to enter to the Solar Energy industry. We know we were by no means alone in the decision, the Solar Energy Market has seen a huge growth over the last 18 months and with good reason…. Just research ‘Feed in Tariff’ in Google and you’ll see the benefits for homeowners.

Establishing ourselves in this market place has been both challenging and hugely enjoyable. But after 6 months of: Training Courses, Research, Studying, Assessments & More Training Courses we were ready to enter the market place, and DB Solar was born ….

DB Solar Vehicle

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Bi-Folding Doors

Posted on March 12, 2011 by Rodney Hewitt

We’d like to introduce another new product to our range of Doors…. Aluminum Bi-Folding Doors

DB Conservatories’ bi-folding door is an exciting new product. Manufactured using an aluminum profile with a thermal break, the effect of these doors is stunning.

Available in 2-7 pane openings, creating a maximum of a 6.4 meters opening. A specialist designed stainless steel wheels & rollers with hardened carbon steel bearings create an easy glide opening and closing motion.

The major benefit of these doors is sheer versatility of the opening options.

The can be installed in a property or even be used to form the front section of a Conservatory or Orangery creating a huge opening space as the images below illustrate
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25 Year Anniversary

Posted on February 12, 2011 by Rodney Hewitt

2011 is an important year for DB Conservatories; It’s our 25th Year in Business!

Do you remember 1986? It was the year of the tragic Challenger Space Shuttle Disaster, the Nuclear Disaster in Chernobyl occurred and Maradonna scored his ‘Hand of God Goal’ against England.

And it was also the year that DB opened up shop for the first time, from our humble beginning in Vale Road, Rhyl, we’ve seen a lot of changed since then;

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A Rated Windows

Posted on January 12, 2011 by Rodney Hewitt

After month of vigorous testing through the BSI (British Standards Institution), we are delighted to announce the introduction of our A-Rated Windows.

The energy rating are an important part of the performance of your windows, they basically work out how efficient your windows will be.

The major benefits are as follows:

Save money on heating bills;
‘A’ Rated windows can have a zero energy loss over a year cycle and can even add heat back into the room via Solar gain.
Rising heat costs means the pay back of fitting A rated windows over standard double glazing can be less than 2 years!
The energy saved by choosing an ‘A’ rated window over an ‘E’ rated one can be as much as the difference between single and double glazing.

Help reduce the impact on our environment;
CO2 is the main green house gas effecting climate change.
Our homes cause a quarter of all CO2 emissions in the UK.
Windows can account for up to 30% of the total heat loss from a house.
If every home in the UK replaced their windows with Energy Saving Recommended ones, the amount of CO2 emissions saved would be equivalent to taking almost a million cars off the road.

Worth considering if you’re thinking of replacing your windows…… Give us a call to find out more