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What is an Orangery ?

Posted on October 21, 2011 by Rodney Hewitt

What is an Orangery?

In our experience, for someone who is considering an Orangery, this is often a question that’s on their mind, but they may feel uncomfortable asking. Very few customers will come right out and ask : “So what’s the difference between a Conservatory and an Orangery?”

In actual fact answer is actually very simple ….. And it’s all in the roof, let me explain:


The framework, basework and glazing on an Orangery is almost identical to a standard Conservatory. The roof construction however is very different. But that’s hard to explain with getting a little technical, it’s far easier to explain by showing pictures, but to show the true difference between a Conservatory & an Orangery what you would really need to do is build a Conservatory, take some pictures of it, then replace the roof with an Orangery roof, that would give you before & after pictures …….. Well it just so happens that’s exactly what we have done !

Ok so here is the Conservatory in question:

This Conservatory has been built for just over 6 years and while it’s still structurally sound, the owner felt it was looking a little tired.

So the roof was taken off, (and recycled) re-enforcing jacks were placed through the cill to provide structural support and an Orangery roof was constructed and Retro-Fitted on the existing frame-work.

The result :

The Orangery Roof has reduced the amount of glass and translucent material and has better insulated the structure.

To achieve this effect we First; Constructed a flat roof cassette beam. Second; We coated this flat roof with an EPDM Firestone Rubber coating, Third; We constructed and fitted an Aluminum Antrim Roof with Solar Control Glass.

These two pictures illustrate the major difference in design between an Orangery and Conservatory. And from the outside that difference is clear to see.

Impressed? Well from the outside it does look great, however it’s when you step inside the room you really see the difference between a Conservatory and an Orangery.

Before :

And After …..

The Orangery Cassette and Antrim Glass Roof create an impressive effect and turn a slightly tired looking Conservatory into an impressive Orangery.

For the full Gallery images on this project visit our Facebook page….

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