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Loggia, An Orangery ?

Posted on April 14, 2013 by Rodney Hewitt

The industry has been abuzz with Ultraframe’s latest product design : Loggia (pronounced Lodger, as in you take in a lodger!)

The reason the industry and consumers┬áhave got so excited is that there is no denying it’s an eye catching product !


Not only is Loggia an attractive structure it’s well designed too, from a construction point of view Ultraframe have really thought this out, you can fit an Loggia Conservatory on site comfortably with a one week period.


The question we would ask however is this: Is The Loggia an Orangery?

The answer: At first glance you would say yes, it has a reduced glass area, higher u-value and an internal flat roof cassette.

It’s on closer inspection that see what is missing:

-Instead if a solid brick work construction, the reduced glass area is achieved with prefabricated aluminum columns.

-Rather than constructing a flat roof structure the flat roof effect is achieved by building a shelf, hung on L-brackets under the conservatory roof

-As opposed to dropping a glass Antrim roof into a flat roof structure, the Loggia has a standard Conservatory roof sitting directly on the frame work.


This being said we have to say the Loggia makes a big impression.

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