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Conservatory Cill Boards

Posted on March 22, 2013 by Rodney Hewitt

For a long time we have always used Poly Board cills for the inside of our conservatories, as pictured below


It’s not a great material to be honest, the construction is similar to a kitchen worktop, but you have to use plastic joints at the corners and plastic end caps…… They always seem to break and tend to look a little unsightly after a while.



But it’s what everyone in the industry uses. There have been alternatives: Timber, Marble, and Granite, all of which can look very attractive, but have significant draw backs (Maintenance & Cost)



Always looking to improve our product range we’ve been keen to find an alternative and we’ve got one:












DecStone provide Marble or Stone Effect Cills and Skirting Boards in a wide range of colours and finishes. We first saw the product at a trade show just a couple of months ago and knew it was a perfect fit for Orangery’s and Conservatories. The cills come in 500mm lengths, are fixed down with grip fill and then the joints are filled with a neutral colour grout giving the effect of an authentic tiled finish.

We will be shortly displaying the product in one of our show conservatories and will display some pictures when completed.

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