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Self Cleaning Glass ?

Posted on April 22, 2012 by Rodney Hewitt

Does it really work ?

That’s the question we often get asked when we mention Self Cleaning Glass…. and to be honest it does sound a bit far fetched. But that is the claim Pilkingtons made when it was first produced and their ‘Activ Glass’ is still branded as ‘Self Cleaning Glass’





So Does it really work ?

The science behind Activ glass is complex, but to put it into easy terms there are two external factors that make the Activ Glass clean itself:

1: Daylight – When UV rays hit the glass, the microscopic coating reacts with the rays and breaks down organic dirt.

2: Water – When it rains the dirt is wash away, but the water does not form in droplets, due to the coating water runs away evenly without streaking


These two effects leave you with clean glass that in theory will never need cleaning and Yes it does work !


However there are a few draw back, what if you suddenly have a large amount of organic dirt appearing on the glass. (the sort that a seagull might leave) This isn’t going to disappear in a day or even a week, in which case some additional cleaning might be needed.

Also The Activ coating breaks down the dirt, but it needs rain to wash it away, so what if we have a dry spell of weather? In that case we would need to rinse the windows down manually.


This being said, Activ Glass is without doubt a revolutionary product and really comes into it’s own when used in a Conservatory Roof. Since the introduction of Activ Glass, nearly 90% of Conservatories we have fitted, have had Glass Roofs. Nearly all of our Conservatory pictures used in our website contain Activ Glass Roofs and all our Showroom Conservatory also have Activ Roof Glass fitted.

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